Emergency General Meeting Scheduled After AGM Frustration


SUSU have announced that due to many of the concerns raised at the Annual General Meeting yesterday, an Emergency General Meeting will be held on Monday 17th May between 5pm and 8pm in the Cube. This will allow motions not heard at the AGM to be heard.

The new agenda will be as follows:

1) Welcome

2) Motions:
• Ratification on Motion 6 — Location of AU Club AGMs
• Motion 7 — Course closures and cuts
• Motion 8 — Regarding Halls Wardens
• Motion 9 — Supporting the Transition University Initiative
• Motion 10 — Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
• Motion 11 — Take Back Parliament

All motions are as per the AGM website (http://agm.susu.org) and all amendments to motions will be available to view here.

3) Sabbatical questions

4) Any other business
*Details of the EGM*

– Procedural motions

We will circulate procedural motions, so that everyone at the meeting can understand the procedures.

– Quorum

As required by the constitution we need 250 members for an Emergency General Meeting.

If we are not quorate at the Emergency General Meeting, the motions will go to Union Council (which will be straight after the EGM).
However, please note, only members on Union Council may then vote on the motions. (Please also note that any student is allowed to call an emergency general meeting throughout the year – if you want more information please contact Erica Hussey (eh3@soton.ac.uk)

Union Council

Following the Emergency General Meeting, the meeting will then become a normal Union Council meeting and the agenda will be as set out on minutes.susu.org under the Union Council for 17/05/2010. At Union Council only Union Council members will be able to vote, however all students are welcome to attend. We will be electing vacant officer positions at this Union Council – please contact chair@susu.org for more information.


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    i’d suggest as a matter of principle, union council should be madated to accept the decisions at the EGM, regardless of quorum.
    I understand we can’t change the constitution about this, but it is pretty essential to restore student faith in the system.

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      I understand the rationale for this decision, but I think it would completely undermine the democratic nature of Union Council meetings

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        Alright, alternative proposal. If, as is quite likely, we don’t reach quorom on monday but we do get more attendees than there are members on Union Council, the Council should consider itself bound by the decisions made at the EGM.
        For motions that are supposed to go before a general vote of students, if they were decided by a smaller group just because they have executive powers within the union, I don’t feel that would be fair. I’d stand by that even if, for example, one of the motions I proposed didn’t succeed at the EGM.
        The point is student faith in the system, and if we end up with Union Council making the final decision on motions, that is going to put a lot of people off permanently.

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    The reason for having Union Council ratify motion 6 was due to students’ concerns that we were not quorate at the AGM. Being quorate ensures we are properly democratic and I don’t think Union Council being bound to accept decisions made by an inquorate body would be democratic – and if this were to happen I think it would be unncessarily bureaucratic.

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      Chris Houghton

      Agreed, although admittedly a lot of AU people will be rather annoyed for another year on the drinking issue, seeing as Union Council have already voted against the motion previously. (From what I’ve heard)

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    Oh sorry, I read your response wrong and thought you said union council should accept the decisions of the AGM regardless of quorum.

    Well, if the EGM is not quorate but has a strong feel for a motion going a particular way, I’m sure Union Council would not ignore that strong feeling and would take it into consideration when voting.

    Although, I don’t think council should be mandated to accept decisions by an inquorate EGM, but I can see what you mean.

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