Fancy Five Minutes of Fame? Crown and Sceptre Photocall Tomorrow


The Crown and Sceptre is one of two former local pubs that have been purchased by the University of Southampton. The University’s plans to demolish both in June has led to students and members of the local community joining together to protect the community pub.

Facebook has once again proved itself as a useful tool for igniting interest, with 426 members in the group. They hope that by demonstrating considerable local support for the pub they will be able to persuade the University to delay demolition while alternative options are considered.

The Daily Echo will be taking photographs of supporters standing outside the Crown and Sceptre pub they are fighting to save (located here). Turn up at midday to get your face plastered across Southampton’s finest daily print publication and to get your opinions heard. If you prefer to be behind the camera, take a couple for us and send them to:


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    Where was the local support when this pub was open? I live on Burgess Road and before the pubs closed they were consistently empty or at best had one or two die hard regulars in them.The pubs closed because they weren’t making enough money as no one visited them.

    If the University has already purchased the pubs, what can 426 people do to stop the University doing whatever they want with the sites? It’d be like protesting against the Boldrewood work.

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      I drank in ‘The Gate’ when they had their own micro-brewery in the 80’s, and occasionally in the Crown & Sceptre. Fast forward 25 years, The Gate has been changed umpteen times and semester time or not it’s a very few locals and Uni. staff (mainly those banned from the staff club due to their working clothes) in there, much the same for the C&S, though rather more ‘incomer’ locals banned from other pubs and clubs (you know the one’s where the ‘old man’ is being ‘kept’ on the island) in the evenings, well rough at times.
      The University knows the students won’t go far for a drink, so flattening the pubs is a shrewed (sp?) move, staff don’t mind going further, IF they have time, so they don’t matter anyway. With the ‘problems’ drink makes worse loosing them almost makes sense, lets just hope whatever they’ve got planned is properly executed (E&F and DVC’s involved, not a hope), I wonder how much they’d pay for the co-op?

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    While I take your point Jon, the attendance was somewhat higher than you suggest. The Gate in particular had a period of success which lasted until the owner sold it to Punch following the smoking ban. Both pubs had a regular trade which should be more than enough to sustain one of them. We can’t stop them knocking it down if they are determined to but that is no reason not to protest.

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      Smoking ban came in to effect over 3 years ago quoting high attendance from back then is pointless.

      When I walked past there were 11 people standing outside and one lady with her dog who seemed to be listening to what they were saying just to be polite, didn’t seem much like a photocall to me.

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    Jon, you don’t sound like much of a “fan” of The Crown and Sceptre, guess you will be glad to see it gone then?
    We had about 20 turn up, which is not bad considering we had a day and a half’s notice and it was midweek, hope is all we have, doubt anything can be done to stop the bulldozers, but, at least we gave it a go eh?

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      I don’t see the point in trying to save it, I think it’s a case of too little, too late. If I wanted to save somewhere I’d try to do it before it got sold to someone who intended to bulldozer it.

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