Southampton University Tuition Fees Look Set to Double


Despite the commotion caused by the recent student protests in London, the new government plan to dramatically increase tuition fees is definitely going to be implemented.

The exact fee for future University of Southampton students is to be set by University Council in a few weeks’ time. However, Rob Stanning, VP Academic Affairs, can reveal that ‘the university certainly intends to charge over £6000 per year, most likely somewhere around £8000, but this has not yet been decided’.

He also explains that ‘all courses [at the University of Southampton] will cost the same’. Therefore an English degree, which has as little as eight hours of teaching time per week, could potentially cost £8000 per year, a hefty price to pay indeed, in comparison to a subect such as Law, which has over double this amount of teaching time.

Many students have voiced their displeasure in terms of contact hours with lecturers, but also in reference to facilities and resources. Studying for a science-based subject, such as Chemistry, involves the use of laboratory resources, whereas a subject such as English requires more independent study that can be done from home. In light of this, why every subject should cost the same remains a confusing matter to many students, as does the severity of the increase in tuition fees despite cuts to certain subjects.


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    I still think that most Universities will charge £9000, purely on the basis that they can.

    The £8000 was a reported figure from Senate to cover the £30-45m cuts in funding. Given there are 11800 home students who would pay the new fee level, even taking the upper limit of £45m equates to around £7100 per student needing to be charged.

    Yes there are errors, but to make £8000 the value to cover just the cuts, Southampton would need to be facing over £55m in cuts. £10m is not an error. Im very sceptical that this is smokes and mirrors from the University, as a last resort that they have got their figures truly wrong, but I still think they will charge £9k.

    Given that UCU reported that Southampton would need to charge £6300 to cover the cost of cuts, £1700 per student per year is equivalent to a range of £20m between UCU and the Universities supposed estimates. Both probably over and under valuing certain things, but £20m is a ridiculous range.

    I strongly suggest SUSU gets access to these supposed calculations to verify that these sums add up – which at the moment they dont. If the University are worried about disclosure – I trust Rob to sign a confidentiality agreement and be the lone source to verify the figures on our behalf.

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