Southampton Branches Out


Following the trend of other top British and American Universities, the University of Southampton has just signed an agreement in Malaysia (with the apparently private development firm Nusajaya)to set up a branch institution.

The branch will cater for a maximum of 60 Malaysian engineering students in ‘Edu-City.’  This educational hub is part of the second biggest city in Malaysia, Johor Bahru, in the Eurasian part of the country.

The recent move of Universities such as N.Y.U and Stanford to establish branch campuses abroad has been seen as an intellectual gold rush, as countries such as Dubai pay handsomely for the privilege of having a top institution at home.

The benefits for Southampton University include attracting students wishing to stay at home providing more revenue and tapping into previously unavailable skills. Links with Malaysia will be also greatly improved, allowing British students to study more easily in Malaysia if they wish to do so. More broadly there is the prestige benefit of having an international “footprint,’ and a better projected image throughout the world.

This step is surely a very great move, improving our institutions name abroad, benefiting both us and Malaysian students in a country which is part of the Asian ‘Tiger’ economies.


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    A nice article, and an exciting new venture for the University.

    I really hope they take hold of the opportunity for engineering exchanges, to give our engineering students a fantastic opportunity to study abroad, while giving the students from the new campus a chance to spend some time studying at the main university campus.

    It would be interesting to know if the courses are being delivered in English, or Malaysian.

    It would be also interesting to ask if the students Union should have a duty of care for these students, as much as some of the nearer satellite campus’, or if its is too abstract.

    Luke Goodger

    I couldn’t find much information about Southampton university especially, and the specifics of the course, but this is an exciting development for future engineers!

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    This is indeed an exciting opportunity for Southampton and Malaysia. The opportunity for more exchanges and cross-fertilisation of ideas is great.
    Turning to Sam’s point of ‘duty of care’, in my experience of representing staff and students across national boundaries there are still too many problems to make this viable.

    Sam Ling

    To be honest, I agree with you that its not wholey viable, more just an interesting thought.

    It could potentially be a great link though, if for example we (the University) started sending students over there.

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