Excitement Builds as Nominations for SUSU Elections Open


Nominations for this year’s Student Union Sabbatical Elections opens today at 12pm.

Traditionally, campaign week at the University is seen as one of the biggest in the student calendar, and each year SUSU breaks its own previously held record for the highest turnout in student elections in the country.

Seven Sabbatical positions will be available for students to nominate themselves for.  These are, President; Vice President (Academic Affairs); Vice President (Sports Development); Vice President (Welfare & Communities); Vice President (Student Engagement); Vice President (Communications); Vice President (Winchester & Sites).

It is also possible for students to nominate themselves to be a Trustee of the Union, a voluntary position that will focus on ‘the strategic direction of SUSU, ensuring that the Union creates and implements strategies that meet its objectives’. These positions are, Ethical and Environmental Officer; Equality and Diversity Officer; Trustees Without Portfolio (x4).

Trustees are also legally responsible for ensuring that the Union operates to standards set by parliament and the Charity Commission.

Current nominations will remain open until Thursday 17th February at 3pm, ahead of voting which will open at 2.30pm on Monday 28th.

Each year’s Student Union Elections also sees nominations and voting open for Executive positions. This year however, will see the first time that these positions are not elected at the same time as the Sabbatical team, in light of the ongoing Executive Review. Now expected to be called ‘Student Leaders’ their roles continue to be debated by the current Sabbatical team and Union Council.

When the Student Leader roles and their titles are confirmed, nomination and elections for these positions will open later in the year.

This year also sees the creation of Vice President (Student Engagement) as an additional role which will encompass supporting student led groups such as societies, and selected Union Council Standing Committees like JCRs and RAG.

The role of Vice President (Winchester & Sites) replaces the Winchester President position and will run for one year only in order to allow time for Winchester to prepare to function without its own President.

Current SUSU President, Billy Fitzjohn said: ‘I am already getting excited by the prospect. Election time is certainly one of the biggest highlights in the Union calendar and more and more people are getting involved in the process. We want as many students voting as possible this year and we want to build massively on our record last year.

‘If you are thinking of running for a Sabbatical position then please do get in touch with any of the Sabbaticals and we’d be happy to talk to you a little bit more about the role and to share some of the experiences we’ve already had.’

Any registered student at the University can nominate themselves for a Sabbatical position, which will involve being paid for one year (unless re-elected) to run Southampton University Student Union.

The new Sabbatical team will begin in late June, 2011, after a handover week with the outgoing officers.

For more information, visit http://www.susu.org/elections/


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