Scammers Target Student Loans


Many students will be familiar with fraudulent emails landing in their inbox, claiming to be their bank. Scammers have now turned to Student Loans as a way of fraudulently accumulating cash.

Many students will have recently received the following email from the address entitled “Student Loan Company Maintenance Upgrade”

Dear Student,

Your student loan profile need to be updated immediately to match the details we have on record for you.
Failure to upgrade means that your next student loan payment, School fees and maintenance grant will be delayed.
Thanks for your co-operation.


Yours sincerely,
Student Loan Finance Company

This is not a legitimate request from the student loans company. Instead, the website to (re)apply for your loan can be found here. If you are ever suspicious of a website or email, do not enter your personal or financial details.

This scam comes at a time when many students are unsure about future finance arrangements, with much uncertainty about what the future rise in tuition fees actually means for them. Students who currently pay c.£3000 per year for their course will continue to do so until they complete their course.

Only those students who enroll on a new course beginning October 2012 will be charged increased tuition fees.


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