SUSU Elections Candidates 2011 Revealed


Students running for Sabbatical positions at the Union this year were revealed this afternoon in the first candidate meeting. Those running for positions are:

President: Aaron Bali, Alexandra Cunningham, Charlotte Davison, Samuel Ling, Derek Mallinson, Jazmin Sherman, Jessica Staff and Charlie Torrible.

Vice President (Academic Affairs): Benjamin Brooks, Jonathan Davies, Samantha Stephenson and Sasha Watson.

Vice President (Communications): Joe Mclo, Hayley Taulbut, Dan Webb and Dax Wood.

Vice President (Sports Development): Jonathan Brooks-Bartlett and Dean Jones.

Vice President (Students Engagement): Akhil Gowrinath, Adam Moloney, Shane Murphy and Daryl Newland.

Vice President (Welfare and Communities): Emily Eldridge, Francesca Fry and Ryo Tabusa.

Vice President (Winchester and Sites): Joe Ellis, Simon Protheroe and Sophie Rakow.

Voters will also, alongside these candidates, be able to vote to Re-Open Nominations (RON) if they wish.

With 28 candidates running for Sabbatical positions, this year sees the highest amount of candidates running in SUSU elections, with seven more candidates running than the year previous.

Alongside Sabbatical positions, students have also been able to nominate themselves for six Trustee positions, a new role this year developed from previous Executive positions. These positions are Environment and Ethics Officer, Equality and Diversity Officer and four Trustees without portfolio. Joshua Davies will run against RON for Environment and Ethics Officer. No students have nominated themselves to apply for the position of Equality and Diversity Officer, or three of the Trustee positions without portfolio. First-year languages student Andreas Day was the only student to nominate themself for the fourth Trustee position, and will be elected to the position.

Elections Committee will discuss how they will deal with the remaining unfilled positions.

Current Union President Billy FitzJohn then addressed the candidates about the fortnight that lay ahead for them. He said: “one of my fellow candidates last year, who I didn’t even know before elections week, is now one of my best friends. Always keep focussed and think about the bigger picture.”

He added, “Don’t get upset about things put online that SUSU cannot control, I think you all know what I am referring to.”

The Returning Officer also told the candidates that this year will be the first year that SUSU will provide a £30 budget for each student running for a position to help with their campaign.

The meeting then went on to discuss rules and publicity, all of which can be found online at

Current Vice President (Welfare and Societies) – Emily Rees ended the meeting with some advice for the fortnight ahead. She said: “make sure you eat lots of fruit and veg, don’t push yourself to go to places you don’t want to…and remember when you go out in the evenings that you are trying to represent the best possible version of yourself.”

She continued, “don’t let this be your only resort, you’ll feel crap if you don’t get it and you have nothing else to fall back on, but remember you’ve all had enough guts to run your student union, and so did we so don’t hesitate in asking us any questions.”

Candidates’ manifestos will be available online from Monday, with campaign week kicking off next Thursday 24th Feb at 11am, before voting opens the following Monday 28th Feb at 2.30pm.


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