The 150 Word Challenge


Trawling through 27 manifestos is an ambitious and, for most busy students, an unrealistic task.

So the Wessex Scene gave all the sabbatical candidates a challenge: condense their lengthy manifestos into 150 words or less. They’re shouting their pitches on the concourse and in your lectures, so why not do it in writing here?

For a quick and easy way of deciding which candidate should get your vote, take a look at what they’ve sent us. And then write your opinion of their humble offerings in the comment section below.

As this is an non-compulsory opportunity, not all the candidates have sent us their pitches so far. We have simply left a hyperlink to their full manifesto in those cases. Candidates who still wish to include their 150 words can send it to and we’ll publish it immediately.

Union President

Vice President Academic Affairs

Vice President Communications

Vice President Sports Development

Vice President Student Engagement

Vice President Welfare and Communities

Vice President Winchester and Sites


Mike is the Editor of the Wessex Scene for 2011/2012 after fulfilling the role of Features Editor in 2010/2011. Apart from taking charge of the ever-expanding Scene, Mike enjoys writing for a broad range of the sections, though his heart truly lies in reporting and Features.

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