Jedward to perform at the Grad Ball?


The headline act to play at this year’s Graduation Ball is set to be announced at SUSU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), alongside the full list of entertainment, with Jedward being one of the many possibilities that are rumoured to be announced.

The AGM is being held at The Cube on Tuesday 17th May at 5pm, where the official announcement will be made alongside the Sabbatical Reports for the year and four motions.

In recent years, the Graduation Ball has seen the likes of The Streets, Feeder and Scott Mills take to the stage, but with rumours of Wagner, Black Lace and Adele circulating, SUSU President Billy Fitzjohn was keeping tight lipped about this year’s act.

On the question of Jedward flying back from Germany, where they are performing for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest, to perform, he dismissed the rumours, but said the act was “affordable”.

This year’s Graduation Ball is to take place at the City Cruise Terminal, which holds a capacity of over 2600 people. Billy was quick to point out that “due to the size of the venue, there will be an array of acts spread out across the arena, accommodating to all students’ tastes and styles.”

The AGM will also see SUSU reset its stance on the issue of tuition fees, as well as a return for the controversial  motion to ban Nestle from the Union’s premises. The motion had already come to Union Council before, but was pushed back to the AGM to allow for more research to be carried out. It is expected that a petition of over 200 signatures is to be presented in support of the cause.

Students will also have the opportunity to watch the AGM from a PC, as SUSUtv will be streaming the event live online.



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    If Jedward, Wagner, or Black Lace perform at Grad Ball SUSU should prepare for half the guests to demand a refund. The act should’ve been announced already, £50 isn’t a joke, this is just annoying.

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    Kraven Moorehead

    So it’s a throw up between ‘playing along’ and awkwardly moving to whatever Jedward sing, doing the Conga and similar novelty routines in the hope that, let’s face it, you manage to be holding onto the shoulders of that one person you’ve been to shy to talk to for three years, or funding the drug addiction of a transsexual Ron Jeremy? OR if you’re really lucky, you can try and act ‘cooler’ (coolness in this case being something we are told the likes of Tinchy Stryder possesses) than you will ever be and perform awkward, embarrassing-if-sober arm movements to the baying nonsense of Tinchy Stryder. Well congratulations graduates, I’m sure many of you will be hoping for some fucking kool-aid at this gathering

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