“No Voice Will be Ignored” As New Sabbaticals Begin Tenure


The new SUSU sabbatical team, lead by President Sam Ling, have officially taken office.

After a handover week which saw this years sabbaticals train the new incumbents, today marks the first of three hundred and sixty-five days in charge of running SUSU.

Sam – who became a father for the first time last month – was voted in as president after beating a record seven candidates. “Over the past 5 years I’ve seen, and at times been involved in, a large number of Sabbatical teams, and I can say with confidence we’ve been fortunate as a Union to have one of the best teams the Union has ever had over the past year.”

“Not only were they successful, but through the good times and the bad, they remained a strong united team, which after the intense year which is that of a sabbatical is no small achievement.”

“So what’s in store for the coming year? Its hard to say, but I can promise it will be a year to remember, and that your new team will work tirelessly to ensure that we live up to the promises that we’ve made to our students. No student group will be forgotten, and no voice will be ignored. ”

Joining Sam in the Sabbatical office for the next year will be Sasha Watson (VP Academic Affairs), Simon Protheroe (Vp Winchester and Sites), Joe Mclo (VP Comunications), Shane Murphy (VP Student Engagement), Frankie Fry (Vp Welfare and Communities) and Jonny Brooks (VP Sports Development).

Rob Stanning – outgoing VP Academic Affairs – earlier shared on social networking site Twitter that “I can’t believe its our last day, hasn’t really sunk in. Its been a brilliant year, will be so hard to leave.”

The past year has seen SUSU hold a referendum on the idea of joining the NUS, complete overhauls of the sabbatical, student leader and academic president systems, as well as leading students up to London in November to protest against the rise in tuition fees.

The new sabbatical team were voted in in March this year, after seven days of campaigning. Also elected were the trustees for Enviroment and Ethics, Josh Davies, and Equality and Diversity, Chloe Green. Andreas Day, Emily Sheldrake and Alexander Houghten complete the board of trustee.


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