SUSU Refurbishment Nearing Completion


The refurbished fourth level of the Students’ Union building was re-opened to students yesterday.

The refurbishment project, which commenced on 2nd August, was said to have cost in the region of £250,000. Changes include a moved and re-designed reception area, a large video wall and the introduction of bookable spaces called ‘pods’.

The new concourse is currently without furniture, which is due to arrive on Friday 9th September.

Though the work is not yet entirely complete, Building 42 welcomed in visitors on Southampton’s open day on Friday. A further 8,000 students are expected to arrive today.

The main change sees reception moved from the right side of the floor to the left, with one of the bookable spaces in its former place. Additional pods are located where the internet café used to be, and the video wall takes up the right wall.



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