Want to Play at Rio Olympics 2016? No Experience Required!


Despite the fact that the London Olympics are yet to be held, the British Handball Association is already looking ahead towards the 2016 Olympics hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With the sport still relatively low key, the BHA are currently undertaking a talent search for committed and motivated British female athletes.

Experience playing the sport is not a vital requirement for those looking to get involved, however they have made it clear that “it’s not for the faint hearted, as to be an elite athlete you will need mental toughness as well as physical ability built on hard work.”

Yet this is unlikely to deter an enthusiastic contingent of young sportswomen coming down to the try-out day overseen by the Senior Women’s Head Coach Jesper Holmris, with the reward of playing on the World’s most prestigious sports stage, as well as the opportunity to regularly play overseas too much to ignore.

If you are interested in pursuing the opportunity to play handball for Great Britain’s Women’s Team follow this link for the application form and further details.

If you aren’t so sure about going to the GB trials, but are still interested in playing Handball, get in contact with Southampton University’s very own Handball Club at handball@soton.ac.uk or find them at the Bunfight on Wednesday 28th September.


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    Current Captain of the GB handball squad, Bobby White, was a footballer before joining a talent scheme.

    He was a semi-professional goalkeeper but thought he’d try out a different sport that some of his skills could transfer to.

    Suffice it to say, it turned out pretty well!

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