One Minute With Professor Robert Winston


Professor Robert Winston is a world-renowned doctor, professor, scientist and TV personality who now occupies a seat at the House of Lords. 

As part of his work with Lifelab, a Southampton-based project which teaches 11-16 year-olds science through first hand experiments, Robert was down in the area and so the Wessex Scene caught a moment with him.

Why is the Lifelab Project so important?

Lifelab brings together the sciences for young people. The sciences are too separated usually. Physics on its own won’t help you understand climate change, nor will chemistry on its own or biology on its own. We’re trying to help these children understand science by bringing it all together.

How important are ethics to science?

Critical. We haven’t paid enough attention to ethics in science. Scientific discoveries have a direct effect on society, and too often we forget that as well as benefits there can be bad effects on society as well. We need to be careful. That is what’s critical.

What advice can you give to science students?

Approach your subject with interest. It’s tough work, we all know that. But interest is the key to doing real science and being a real scientist. And if you stay interested you’ll find you’ll enjoy yourself. Keep at it and stay interested.


Southampton University. Third year. BA Physics.

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