Fresh Talent on The Rugby Pitch



Southampton Freshers  46  –  5  Portsmouth  Freshers

As a sizeable crowd watched on from the touchlines, the freshers of SURFC annihilated their Portsmouth counterparts on Saturday.

Exciting partnerships developed in the centre and back row, indicating a rugby team with great potential.

Colin Pocock, the team’s Openside Flanker, was named ‘Man of the Match’ for his contribution to the win. Flyhalf Harry Carter, however, was named ‘dick of the day’ for hitting the post with a kick directly in front of the sticks. Better luck next time Harry.

The Fresher team did especially well considering that they were almost definitely still recovering from the ‘father-son’ social on Wednesday night. They’ve all come a long way from the trials last weekend and are well on their way to some big successes amongst the teams of SURFC this season.


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