Former Southampton-based MP to Stand Trial for £80,000 Expense Claims


Margaret Moran, a former MP, is set to stand trial next April charged with illegal parliamentary expenses claims. The ex-labour MP held the position of Luton South MP from 1997 to 2010, but became caught up in the expenses scandal in 2009.

The Southampton resident, who lives in the St. Denys area, was exposed by Daily Telegraph when they revealed she had claimed an expense of £22,500 to treat dry rot in a house in the city; a house nearly 100 miles from her constituency.

The residence was a shared home in Southampton with her partner, an employee of Southampton University, and the expense claim made just days after this house was switched to being her ‘second home’.

The Daily Mail also question her expenses spending in her constituency of Luton, claiming close to £90,000 over 5 years, whilst the MP of Luton North lived on the same street and claimed less than £9,000. Similarly, she claimed travel expenses for around 26,000 miles, despite Luton being only 32 miles from London; this figure would allow for 407 round trips per year.

It is now alleged she made claims for homes not just in Southampton and Luton, but also in London. Other accusations include false claims of up to £14,805 for work on her conservatory and boiler repairs as well as submitting forge invoices.

As a result, Ms. Moran will face 21 charges overall: 15 of false accounting and 6 of forgery; the overall alleged expense claims amount to about £80,000.


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