UCAS acknowledges admission system favours private education


Plans for radical change have been called for after UCAS has admitted that its university application process provides an unfair advantage to those who have attended private schools.

After publishing a review of the admissions process on Monday, UCAS has acknowledged that the current system favours students who have attended private schools.

The review showed that people who receive a private education are at an advantage based on the level of extra support they receive. UCAS claimed that students in private education are often encouraged to apply far earlier than official deadlines and additionally receive far more help with their applications.

Based on this, the report claimed that they were far more likely to be offered a place. The findings have caused outrage amongst many students. Speaking of the report, a Southampton University student commented:

“It should be equal opportunities for all students, regardless of the school you come from. Change needs to happen.”

Talks are currently underway to implement change within the application system, and it has been suggested that students should no longer submit their applications until after receiving their results.

This change would eradicate the problem of unreliable predicted grades, remove the need for a clearing system, and there would no longer be an unfair advantage given to those who apply early.

It has also been suggested that students should no longer be allowed to apply to a maximum of five universities, but that the option will be limited to two, forcing students to be more selective in their choices.

UCAS have announced that they will be considering these plans between now and January 20th, although it was suggested that changes may not take place until 2016.


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    Pointless article…


    Pointless Comment ^ …


    How is an article about student admission scandal “pointless” to a student union paper? Completely relevant and important article, Rosanna.


    Because its farcical to suggest that this is a scandal

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    There is nothing wrong with the system, i came from the state sector and still got more help with the admissions process than kids i knew from the private sector.
    The problem is with the state school system in general. Of course people who can (whether it be the means or just the family background) will ask for and receive help, its human nature- the state school is failing children due to a wide range of factors. Poor government leadership since the early 70’s, falling standards in all sectors; poor teaching, poor discipline and just low expectations in all respects. The government and wider society has been failing its youth for decades, its nothing new, and the only reason that private schools win through is that they aim high and don’t accept anything less than good behaviour and high standards throughout.

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    You don’t have to be in private education to apply early. And I don’t see how changing the system will prevent private schools from providing their pupils with additional help throughout the application process as they currently do.

    Oh, and the word “outrage” is misused here. Elderly patients being neglected by NHS hospitals is an outrage. Private schools doing their utmost to ensure university places for their students isn’t outrageous at all.

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