How We’ll be Covering the SUSU Elections 2012


It’s that time again.

The SUSU Sabbatical and Trustee Elections are just around the corner. And with campaigning set to start next week, it’s time to let you know how we’ll be covering things.

The Wessex Scene, along with Surge Radio and SUSUtv, will be bringing you comprehensive coverage of the 2012 Elections period, from breaking news to special features, daily polls and exclusive interviews.

The Wessex Scene will be offering a series of Live Blogs for to-the-minute reporting of the elections period – all the most important days on the calendar will be covered, as well as every day of campaign week.

Surge Radio will be holding several elections special shows, as well as exclusive live interviews with the candidates, on the weekend before voting begins.

And SUSUtv will be on-hand to capture all the latest news as it breaks, providing live streams of the candidates debates, as well as the all-important results night on March 1st.

And you can get involved as well. 

We like nothing better for readers to send in videos, photos and stories as they happen around you. You can get in touch by tweeting us @WessexScene and using the hashtag #votesusu, or by posting on the Facebook page. 

Click for a Full Timetable of the SUSU Media Elections Coverage.



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    Why does this feel like this is a media department wet dream rather than an actual election. Surely the focus should be on the candidates not what the latest lip dub parody the station manager of SUSU.Tv can dream up. It’s a case of forced enthusiasm from the media department that is crowding out what is so special about the elections, the ingenuity and originality of the candidates.

    While we’re on the topic of the media will we be able to see some negative as well as positive feedback on candidate manifestos and pledges. The last thing the Union needs is another massive SUSU love in, where your YOUR media officers are nice to YOUR potential susu officers. Let’s see the media departments actually represent student views rather than tired sycophantic cliches that educate no one and perpetuate mediocrity.

    Also please don’t let James Miles chair the President’s debate… he’s useless

    Charlotte Harwood

    To “Stranger”,

    At the Wessex Scene we shall not be encouraging a ‘massive SUSU love in’. We shall be encouraging debate and discussion over the candidates’ manifesto points, and hope to be somewhere where students can go to voice their opinions on the upcoming elections.

    Negative points on the candidates shall not be ignored. Personal and inappropriate attacks on candidates running shall not be tolerated however. We are operating a rule of impartiality, and through this shall aim for a balanced and comprehensive view of all the candidates.

    You seem frustrated with the behaviour of SUSU Media so far, and I do urge you to – if you feel like our members are missing vital points – contribute yourself. Reader comment sections are where we have our most interesting debates, and we are always looking for new student writers. We are attempting to drum up interested, as well as providing opportunities to a whole host of students involved in launch nights, tv editing, writing etc. We are trying to get students interested in an event which will affect all students through our reporting – which many seem unconcerned about – not having one ‘big media department wet dream’.

    The manifestos will not be released until tomorrow, which is why there has so far not been any debate. From when they are released, as I said before, I welcome both comments and articles. I will try my hardest to ensure the widest range of issues are addressed during this campaign period.

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    If you want the same sort of coverage, but honest and fair coverage that is not afraid of criticising ex station managers or editors, keep an eye on the soton tab where we will cover the elections, but avoid any potential love in!

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