Sam Ling is your President


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Please be upstanding for your new-ish President Sam Ling! With 4137 votes, Uncle Sam has easily reclaimed his seat at the head of the SUSU table for another year. Although Simon campaigned extremely valiantly, risking life and limb for a sign in the pond; Uncle Sam’s mixture of posters, banners and Abraham Lincoln-esque beard secured him the win.

The President’s job is basically to rule our little kingdom of SUSU. He has overall responsibility of the Union as a whole and must work closely with all his VP, officer and Trustee minions to make sure that your SUSU is efficient, engaging and generally at its best. As figurehead of the Union, their is a lot of duty placed on the president’s shoulders; he is our leader

24 year old Sam graduated with a BSC in Chemistry. As our former President, he knows all to well that with great power comes great responsibility and we are sure that he is more than a match for the commitments.

Congratulations to our favourite Uncle and President of the SU.

And that’s it! Two weeks of blood, sweat and spray paint has come to this. Thank you to everyone who voted and all those involved. We look forward to seeing our new Sabbs in action.

By Andy Haywood and Alice Gray


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    When I first heard that he was re-running (I think it was way back in December!), I was confident that he would return to office. It’s a shame that he only had one opponent (great work on the campaign, Simon), but it did mean that I had no worries of him not (deservedly) returning to office. Next year is going to be incredible for the students who are still here.

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