Southampton overcome terrible conditions to retain Varsity title for a fourth year in a row


Jonny Brooks with the Varsity Trophy

The waterlogged pitches, heavy rain, blustery winds and unexpected snowfall meant that the conditions couldn’t have been more different from last year’s annual Varsity match against Portsmouth University. Nevertheless, Southampton’s sporting dominance over the course of the day remained a constant, with Jonny Brooks becoming the fourth VP Sports in a row to lift the Varsity trophy and secure Southampton’s undefeated status for yet another year.

The early morning downpours caused havoc with the Widelane fixtures and there was plenty of uncertainty over which matches would have to be cancelled. Despite this, both sets of athletes were in generally high spirits throughout the day, with the Widelane pavilion full to the brim with students trying to keep warm and dry between matches.

Rugby went ahead despite the waterlogged pitches

Unaffected by the weather, the fixtures at Highfield and the Jubilee centre all went ahead, and it quickly became a more popular venue for spectators, with AU officer James O’Mahony stating that the atmosphere was the “best I’ve experienced in the four years I’ve been at the University.” As the day progressed the Jubilee centre appeared to become a stronghold for Southampton, as Portsmouth struggled to only a handful of wins in the indoor events. Such comprehensive success up at the University campus ensured that Wessex pulled ahead to overall victory. The final score was Southampton 105 – 66 Portsmouth.

We still have the full results and a photo gallery of the day’s events still to come, so keep an eye out for more information on the Wessex Scene. There will also be video highlights from SUSUtv which will be available in the near future.


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