New Sainsbury’s in Portswood opening next week


The long-awaited opening of Sainsbury’s in Portswood will take place next Wednesday, it has been announced today.

Controversy surrounding the store and its impact on the local community had hindered its development before January 2011 when the planning application was finally accepted.

Bosses behind the site believe the new store will benefit the Portswood community due to the number of jobs it will provide. However, the Wessex Scene reported earlier this year that local greengrocer, Gannaways, had decided not to renew its lease based on the threat of the new supermarket.

Despite objections from Portswood Residents’ Gardens and the Highfield Residents’ Association, Sainsbury’s is already in the process of trying to reverse some of the restrictions placed on the new store which aim to protect the local, small businesses in Portswood.

Bosses hope to be able to include a new in-store pharmacy, a proposal which was originally rejected due to the presence of two individual pharmacies on Portswood high street. The intention is also to eventually increase opening hours to cater for the late-night student market.

Resident of Portswood and student of the University of Southampton, Emily, said of the new Sainsbury’s:

“I am happy that a new store will be opening to provide a greater variety of supermarket shopping in the local vicinity. I do buy my fruit and vegetables from the local greengrocers at the moment but I don’t think that will change. They can’t be beaten on price really and they have a lot of support in the community so hopefully they won’t be too affected.”

The new Sainsbury’s will open its doors on next Wednesday 14th March.


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    Kate McAllister

    this is awful news. i am dreading coming back to southampton next year if there is no Gannaways or Halal Meat Center – possibly the 2 cheapest places to buy veg in the whole country, and run by nice people who would let you have stuff for free if it had to be eaten that day. Sainsbury’s is honestly one of the most expensive places for veg. They increase the price of bananas at least double just for putting them in a bag for you (which decreases their shelf-life because bananas don’t like plastic). And it’s not just veg that’s the problem. Students should be persuaded to make more food from real ingredients rather than buying stupid ready made pizzas and ready-meals from supermarkets which are SO much more expensive.


    I agree that Sainsbury’s too expensive, I reckon probably along with M&S around the most expensive supermarket if you check on mysupermarket.

    But while it is great to support local shops, I gave up buying fruit and veg from the grocers in Portswood, as I find the fruit and veg doesnt tend to last well, so its a false economy. No point buying food that will just spoil.

    So instead I buy fruit and veg, and meat from Waitrose, and it is great quality, and great value, particularly if you look for what is on offer that day.

    I only ever bought one thing from the Halal centre, a dried food product, and I put it in a sealed plastic tub, next time I opened it, it was crawling with creepy crawlies. I may have just been unlucky, but never again!

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    Portswood is crazily constricted by high prices from Waitrose and Coop (if your buying meat and dairy products). For that reason I’m glad Sainsburys is opening up because it will make that side of things cheaper. BUT I totally agree with other comments, the grocers and international food are insanely cheap for veg (I’ve never seen the prices bettered), and its really good produce too. It’d be a chronic disgrace if Portswood lost its smaller businesses. I hope the council keep Sainsbury’s in check, else the high streets just going to become a dead zone. Tbh whats the point in opening a new superstore cafe or a pharmacy when there’s already as string of those in the high street already… Surely that’s going to cause a loss in jobs as it creates them….?!


    You think Sainsbury’s will be cheaper than Waitrose? I think you will be disappointed!

    It will probably be cheaper than the co-op, because that is quite a small store, and it seems to be priced liked a high street convenience store instead of a supermarket.

    But I find if you buy your shopping and you check it out at you will find a typical basic basket of shopping cheaper at Waitrose than Sainsbury’s – try it and find out for yourself.

    Plus the staff at Waitrose just seem so much nicer and more helpful.

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    I’m just glad that it’s going to take a big chunk of business away from Asda.

    I definitely hope the restrictions on the store are retained though. Gannaway’s is enough of a loss.

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    I work down the road in Bevois Valley at the supermarket and it’s had a slight effect in our sales since opening this week but hopefully nothing too major so far! We were very busy yesterday but still a concern.

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