Sainsbury’s in Portswood opens


Sainsbury’s in Portswood opened today at 9am to crowds of eager shoppers. The store marked its opening with the assistance of Emma Wiggs, Women’s Sitting Volleyball Captain for Great Britain and potential paralympian for London 2012, who officially cut the ribbon.

Students have been quick to comment on their visits to the new store, which has been described as modern and comfortable. Recently elected VP Comms for next year, David Gilani, in fact made the first purchase in Portswood’s Sainsbury’s upon its opening.

It is hoped that the new superstore will be a positive addition to the Portswood community, bringing 240 jobs and a greater range of produce for both the student and permanent populations. Situated on Portswood Road near Highfield, the supermarket is conveniently located near to the majority of student properties.

A variety of Sainsbury’s food ranges will be stocked, including  ‘Basics’, ‘Taste the Difference’ and ‘Freefrom’, while locals can also benefit from the TU clothing section, the homeware range and meat, fish, bakery and pizza counters.

Despite criticism from the local community regarding the loss of individual, small businesses, Sainsbury’s Portswood is hoping to benefit the local community through its Community Grant scheme. Sainsbury’s will be providing Bassett Green Primary School with new football and Active Kids sports equipment, and will also donate regular food packages to the local charity Stonham and Homegroup.

In the coming weeks, customers and colleagues will also be encouraged to choose a local charity partner for Sainsbury’s first year. For the next 12 months staff will take part in fundraising activities in order to raise money for the selected cause.

New store manager Pete Harriman, said: “We are looking forward to welcoming customers to the new store which will provide more choice to shoppers locally and will be providing a vast range of Sainsbury’s quality products at fair prices. We are excited to be choosing our local charity of the year partner shortly after we open, so will be interested to hear from any local groups.”



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    Julie Kingfisher

    Support local businesses! Corporate giants are trying to kill local trade. International foods has the best variety of fruit n veg in town, the key shop has friendly and welcoming staff, charity shops have good stock, newsagents hv all the magazines u could ask for! Etc etc support local businesses! Say no to sainsburys!


    Great to see sainsburys up and running. Close down the smaller shops and put everything under one roof. Much more economical and profitable! Also throw something back in the face of the Highfield Residents Association who protested against this store yet im sure will do their shopping here!!

    Julie Kingfisher

    Pathetic !

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    Didn’t enjoy shopping in Sainsbury’s, too big, and too expensive, and took ages to trawl round.

    At least in Waitrose you can find everything you need really quickly, and they have a great value Essentials range. I dont like the quality of own brand from other supermarkets, but Waitrose baked beans, tomato ketchup, etc are great!!

    And Waitrose is cheaper too, at least for the things I tend to buy on a grocery run.

    Its good that Sainsbury’s have the clothes, CD’s, car and electrical goods that you cant find elsewhere in Portswood, but I dont really want to get tempted into wasting my money on that (and who buys CD’s these days anyway, isnt everyone using iTunes?). Would much rather pop round Waitrose and buy good quality british meat and veg that I can trust.

    Plus the staff seem much friendlier in Waitrose. That must be the difference between having partners and employees.

    That, and you get to hear Pat singing in Waitrose, what a legend!

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