Jubilee Sports Centre Set for Refurbishment


VP Sports Development Jonny Brooks today announced a large refurbishment of the University’s Jubilee sports centre.

The gym has come under a significant amount of criticism recently as a number of users increase and accessibility declines. Many students have found it difficult to use areas of the gym – particularly the free weights area – regularly due to constant overcrowding.

Sport and Wellbeing have seemingly taken on these concerns raised by students and are planning a refurbishment of several areas over the summer months, particularly an extension and addition of new equipment in the free weights area.

The floor plan of what the proposed renovations will look like

This will cause a certain restriction in use while the renovation takes place, which could prove a nuisance for students remaining in Southampton over the summer who want to use the facilities.

However, the news of an update to the gym will come as a relief to many students who may have become disillusioned with using the fitness facilities.

“I was considering not renewing my membership next year because of how bad I’ve found it this year, but I might check out the improvements and consider renewing my membership if it looks better” one second year student said.

“I’ve never had a problem with it except for using the weights, but I’ve been thinking it could do with a touch up so I’m glad to hear there will be improvements next year” a first year student added.

You can read Jonny Brooks announcement in full here.



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    8-9am and 5-7pm are the worst times. If you go outside of those hours there’s normally not a problem with overcrowding at all..the air con is a far bigger issue haha. x

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