No more worries about Council Tax


Chloe Green, VP Welfare and Communities has confirmed that this year Council Tax exemption will be automatic.

Green, whose manifesto promised an end to the rigmarole of Council Tax exemption for Southampton University students has delivered. As opposed to having to request a proof of enrolment form from their School, students will now have to click ‘yes’ when asked whether they want the university to share their details with the council during the online enrolment process. Students who have already enrolled should check that they have done this because if they have not they will have to go through last years process.

The council will be updating their record three times a year – in November, February and April and May thus if you have already had a letter from the Council regarding Council Tax, please email them at to inform them that you are a student.


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    How can we check that we have permitted the university to share the details? I enrolled a while back and can’t remember!

    Jo Fisher

    Hi Elliott, I have the same problem! I’ve just emailed the team so I’ll just have to see what they say when they reply.

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