The First Year Illustration Exhibition: A Kick-Start to the Course!


To kick off the semester, Year 1 Graphic Arts students gained an intense insight to the world illustration.

Our first project for this semester was based on Illustration. The two-week project entailed visual researching and developing ideas, ready for an exhibition at the end of the brief. However, there was more to it than that!

The class was divided into groups and each group was given a sentence to base their final image on. These sentences had nothing to do with anything; they were aimed to provoke and inspire us to research further and come up with creative solutions to represent the words in whatever way we wanted. This could have been through sculpture, typography or illustration using different drawing techniques.

We attended workshops to help our creative processes, which pushed us as new designers. The workshops also helped us to learn new skills and techniques such as mono printing and drawing with different materials. Many of these techniques were new to us and have actually inspired us for future projects.

Great talent on display, we have a lot of potential Illustrators in the making!

2nd Year Graphic Arts Student
Friday 12th October was the deadline for our final images, and it was also the day of our exhibition. After a very intense morning of final touches and hanging on walls, our work was assessed and criticized before the exhibition opened. The feedback we got from our Tutors was very positive but there were things that needed to be worked on which we can work on for the future, so in all was very helpful.

Once our work had been assessed it was then open to others in the department and around the University. Overall, the exhibition was a great success! Many people turned up to see the work that had been put together in just two weeks. The feedback we received from visitors of the exhibition was very positive and made all of our hard work worthwhile. It was a very positive experience to be a part of and I hope there are many like this in the future!




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