Fire at Montefiore Halls


A fire broke out earlier this evening along the row of bushes located near the E Block of Monte Halls.

Image courtesy of Sulagna Roy

Police have confirmed that the blaze was a result of a hedge and a bin catching alight. Police are currently investigating the fire.

A spokesperson from Monte Halls stated:

We got a call around 6pm that there was a fire, we don’t know how the fire had started, but we called the Police and the Firebrigade.

E Block is situated around the back of Monte reception but ‘when we got to the door of the reception we could only see smoke, by the time we got to E Block, the fire was too big to put out.’

A car parked outside on the street started burning and one of its wing mirrors melted in the heat. A second vehicle was also damaged; both were parked near the burning hedge.

Tasha Onwuemezi, President of Monte JCR, said:

It was behind the reception, outside E block. People got evacuated when it spread to the hedges, but it’s all been put out now.

There have been no reported injuries.

The Wessex Scene will update this article as more information is received.


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