Student Involved in Traffic Accident Close to Highfield Campus


It has been reported that on November, 6 a female student was involved in a road traffic accident on the junction of University Road and Burgess Road.

The Junction of Burgess Road and University Road

The Wessex Scene has been told that on Tuesday night at approximately 8pm a female student from the University of Southampton was hit by a BMW whilst crossing the road at the junction leading into Highfield campus.

The Roads Policing Unit is now investigating the incident. However it is not thought that the driver of the vehicle is to blame as witnesses at the scene told police that the pedestrian was crossing the road whilst the traffic lights were red.

The accident left the student with a fractured collar bone and head injury so she was taken to Southampton General Hospital.

This latest accident comes after two others in Portswood on Monday and Tuesday of this week, both victims are now recovering. The police urge that due to the darker evenings people stay safe by using the crossings.

In light of this accident a University spokesperson had this to say:

We hope that the person involved in the accident recovers quickly. We encourage all students to take care when travelling in the city and to be particularly vigilant when crossing the road.

It is expected that more information will be provided over the next few hours so keep checking back for updates.


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