Gay Marriage Is A ‘Category Error’


For someone to be homosexual “something has gone wrong in their development,” said Anthony Ozimic when he appeared on ‘This Morning’ on the January 17, 2013, voicing his concerns over the government’s plans to legalise same-sex marriage.  The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children member added that they should not “come out with pride,” concerned that further education in schools on the subject of same sex marriage will encourage and promote homosexuality.

Ozimic’s fierce beliefs that marriage is defined as love between a man and a woman, rather than two people of the same gender, led him to conclude that the teaching of homosexual marriage within schools will confuse children; shockingly stating that homosexuality is “not natural” and that children are at risk of being taught things that are incorrect. Despite Ozimic’s concerns, a statement from the Department of Education has made it clear that the proposals to legalise homosexual marriage will not alter the way in which children are taught in school.

An astounded Kelly Rose Bradford rejected the outdated arguments put forward by Ozimic, instead wishing for children to be taught in a manner that is relevant for the today’s society. She was outraged at Ozimic’s suggestion that homosexuals should not come out with pride and should instead be suppressed, something that seems preposterous in the more accepting and diverse society we live in today.

The government’s proposal to legalise same sex marriage was always going to be controversial, as many people within society fear change. However, the definition of love in the Oxford English Dictionary is “a feeling or disposition of deep affection or fondness for someone.” Who are we to say that love between two of the same gender is wrong? The statement above does not specifically mention of of the opposite gender – perhaps this goes to show how old fashioned and ridiculous Ozimic’s concerns are.

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    How teaching young children that anyone can get married is going to “promote” homosexuality is hilarious. The wonderful thing about kids is that when they’re young, they don’t judge. If you tell a child that men can marry men and women can marry women, most of them will go, “Okay. Can I finish eating my crayon?” But to not teach it is to make it seem like it’s something to be hidden or to be ashamed of. There don’t need to be endless classes devoted to teaching kids about homosexuality, there just needs to be an equal inclusion of the subject so children realise it’s perfectly normal and don’t grow up thinking it’s something unnatural or wrong because they’ve never been taught about it. What constantly baffles me about all these debates is how some people still don’t seem to grasp that other peoples relationships have absolutely sod all to do with them. It is astounding that in 2013 some people still think that being straight is more important than being a kind, decent person.

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