Online Campaigning for SUSU Elections is Now Open


Candidates running in the Sabbatical and Student Leader elections are now able to campaign online, and in one week will begin to campaign in full.

Election Symbol

Online campaigning allows voters to become accustomed to candidates and their manifestos before they advertise themselves in person. This week, expect to be invited to a multitude of Facebook groups and have your twitter feed clogged with #votesusu.

Rules state that all SUSU voters should be able to see all campaigning, thus candidates can only advertise in ‘open’ Facebook groups, not closed ones. Also, mass messaging is only permitted to those who have agreed to receive emails about elections. Candidates are not to use mailing lists from the Union or University to round up voters.

More information about the rules of campaigning can be found in this pdf and any complaints about campaigning should be submitted via the SUSU website.


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