VP Welfare Candidate Drops Out


Jared Anderson, a candidate for the position of VP Welfare, is the latest Sabbatical candidate to drop out of this year’s elections. He announced his decision this afternoon on Facebook,  as well as deleting his Facebook support page.

His details have yet to be officially removed from SUSU’s candidate information page.

Jessica Taylor, a candidate for VP Student Communities, dropped out last week. She was the only Sabbatical candidate from Winchester School of Art.

The position of VP Welfare remains hotly contested, with Josh Cox, Beckie Thomas, Sophie Brewer and Josie Torrice still in the race.

Jared has declined to comment on the matter at this present time.

The Wessex Scene wishes Jared all the best with his future.

The VP Welfare candidates before campaigning began. Pictured from the left: Sophie Brewer, Beckie Thomas, Jared Anderson, Josie Torrice and Josh Cox.



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