SUSU Elections 2013 – Who’s Got Your Vote?


Elections-Logo-with-taglineVoting has closed, a calm has descended over campus and SUSU elections are over. Well, nearly.

For those 26 candidates who entered the race to be the next Sabbs of SUSU – of which three fell by the wayside – this period now marks a anxious wait for the results, which will be announced from 9pm tonight. While they nervously bite their fingernails – and perhaps get some sleep after two long weeks of campaigning – we take a look at whose favourite for each position, using Facebook-like analysis, Soton Tab Polls as well as general consensus of campaigns.

President: Despite six candidates, this contest still looks set to be a contest between the two front-runners of current VP Comms David Gilani and Peter ‘Pewee’ Ward; both have been leading polls and Facebook likes. Ellis Sims, who was close-behind, will have undoubtedly harmed his chances after his breaking of student-staff protocol, whilst the only girl in the race, Sophie Bradfield, looks to require a remarkable transfer of votes in the AV system to win. Jim Dykes, who has denied being a joke candidate, has been popular, but is to unlikely to win with his controversial manifesto. With her disdain for university politics, Michelle Dando will probably prop up the back of the field.

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VP Democracy & Creative Industries: The first of three two-horse races in this years election sees John North and David Martin battling for VP DCI. With one candidate from SUSU Media and another from Performance Arts, it looked like a head-to-head battle with both under the position. However, it seems like David Martin is set to win after leading polls, ‘likes’ and appears to be generally a more well-known candidate within SUSU.

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VP Education: A very close contest is on the cards here with another two-horse race between David Mendoza-Wolfson and Dessie Nedyalkova. It is close, very close and has been throughout the two weeks. Despite Dessie’s clever ‘Neducation’ catchphrase, Mendoza-Wolfson has a very professional image and campaign and it looks like David has also been edging ahead throughout.

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VP Engagement: There are three candidates vying for the position; Fiona Cook, Claire Gilbert and Adam Moloney. The evidence seems to point towards a Gilbert win, as she has generally seem to gain as much support in polls and likes as the other two candidates put together. It thus looks like it could require a near-total transfer of votes from Cook or Moloney to each other to defeat Claire.

[poll id=”17″]

VP Sports Development: Sports Development has been hotly contested this year with four candidates, all coming from different backgrounds and years. Nonetheless, polls seem to indicate that post-graduate Sam Crabb will be at the rear with Alex Mortlock third. Much then depends on where these votes transfer, with Evan Whyte and Kate Williams as the two-front runners. Whyte has maintained leads in polls, but Williams remains top on Facebook; too close to call.

[poll id=”18″]

VP Student Communities: The last of the head-to-head contest battles is between James Brant & Oli Coles, after Jessica Taylor – the only student running from Winchester School of Art – pulled out last week. As it currently stands, Coles looks like he could win this, with his more noticeable ‘Where’s Wally?’ campaign and more Facebook likes.

[poll id=”19″]

VP Welfare: This battle has dropped to be between four candidates, after Jared Anderson pulled out last week. It seemed last week that the the contest was mainly centering around the pair of Sophie Brewer and Josie Torrice. This seems to have remained about the same; though it seems that the latter has now taken the advantage. Josh Cox (the only male candidate in Welfare) looks set to come fourth while Beckie Thomas is polling in third place; A lot depends upon where voting preferences go, but it seems Torrice or Brewer for the win; Josie looks the safest bet.

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So that’s that; elections are nearly over, but who are your winners?

The results of all the elections will be broadcast online live on SUSUtv from 9pm, along with a live-blog and news coverage from the Wessex Scene. To take a look at our election coverage so far, take a look here.

Remember, we want to see what you’ve been up to over the Election period: send us your photos and memories to or tweet us @wessexscene and use the hashtag #votesusu


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    Think it’s pretty pathetic that the title of an online University news article uses ‘whose’ when it means ‘who’s’. Nicely done.

    Alexander James Green

    Hi M65. Thanks for the ‘constructive’ comment, but I’m only human nor a paid journalist, so I do make the occasional grammer mistake.

    Generally though, I’m not going to get too upset about be called ‘pathetic’ considering its from someone who has decided to comment on an article using an alias.

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