Work Experience Week Gets Underway on Surge


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the importance of relevant work experience, or how to ensure you make the right initial career choices, or whether a master’s degree is worth yet another year out of the workplace, then Surge’s Features team may well be of assistance to you this week.

With two live shows complete and more interviews appearing online daily, Surge Radio’s Work Experience Week is already well underway, and its aim is to inform students of all disciplines how to maximise their employability.


Planned in collaboration with Career Destinations, this is the first time Surge has broadcast the event. In preparation, Surge’s Features team have been seeking out and interviewing experts in careers ranging from events management to law, from teaching to radio journalism, from translation to electronic information technologies. They’ve also spoken to lecturers about how to maximise the value of your specific degree programme.

So far this week, daily live shows have run on Surge from 5 to 7, each one addressing in depth a small number of subjects and providing leads to work experience opportunities relevant to particular disciplines. See the schedule below to find out when your subject will be discussed, but make sure you tune in regardless on Thursday and Friday, when representatives from Career Destinations and the Excel Placement Programme will be live in the studio to answer any of your questions.

If you’ve missed the relevant live show, check out, where full interviews with lecturers and industry experts will be uploaded throughout the week.

Live show subject schedule (listen in from 5 to 7 on

Monday: sciences, mathematics, and electronics and computer science

Tuesday: education studies, law, history, and music

Wednesday: media, english, and modern languages

Thursday: psychology, sociology, geography, and economics

Friday: zoology and archaeology


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