Southampton Await Decision from Portsmouth After Disputing Varsity 2013 Final Result


Following a period of review by SUSU, new evidence has emerged that calls into question the overall results for Varsity 2013. Southampton’s VP Sports Development Dean Jones is currently challenging the overall results.

Shortly after the official score was originally announced on Sunday, March 17, there emerged complaints from competitors that the results had not been calculated correctly. On the evening of Wednesday, March 20,  VP Sports Development Dean Jones sent an appeal to Portsmouth’s SU with supporting evidence. Central to Southampton’s appeal were two events in particular: Athletics and Surfing.

In the case of Athletics there is disagreement stemming from the rules agreed to determine which side should be considered the victor for each individual event and whether the results should include second places. However the biggest point of argument which would overturn the Athletics result in Southampton’s favour is the 200m.

The Wessex Scene are currently awaiting an edited version of a video from SUSUtv, showing the race in question.

Furthermore, Southampton believe an understanding had previously been reached that a surfing competition was meant to contribute towards the final Varsity result. Southampton’s victory in the Varsity Surfing Contest took place prior to the day here is a link to the Facebook event.

It has become clear, however, that there is no written document that states which competitions can contribute towards the score on the day. There is also no documentation on the process of contesting a result. This means that the situation must be discussed between Southampton and Portsmouth, both regarding the final result or a method through which said result can be reached.

Group photo of Southampton and Portsmouth Surfing teams.
Group photo of Southampton and Portsmouth Surfing teams.

Portsmouth’s response to Dean’s inquiry suggested that each university Athletics club discuss the issue, as mistakes had lead to this result being changed twice since the event. They also said that the surfing result should not be taken into an account, since the issue was raised after the final result was announced.

Dean has stated that he is confident that the Athletics result is as a Southampton win, and has contested the decision to ignore the surfing result, stating that all new information that emerges should and must be taken into consideration.

There have been no further developments in the review of Varsity 2013, with Southampton awaiting Portsmouth’s decision regarding the Athletics result and the inclusion of the surfing result.

Until a consensus emerges between the two sides, the final result for Varsity 2013 remains unsettled.

The Wessex Scene will keep you updated when more information about Varsity 2013 is revealed.

The recent SUSUtv Varsity update:




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    Really great that Dean is working so hard to follow this up and make sure our athletes get the credit they deserve.

    That said, I think it might just be good etiquette to let them keep the trophy this year, given that it’s everyone’s fault the rules have never been clearly defined, and make sure everything is formally agreed on in future.

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