Nick Griffin Steps Down as Leader of BNP


Today, the British National Party website have reported that Nick Griffin will step down as leader.

Nick Griffin with Adam Walker

Adam Walker, who was recently appointed Deputy Chairman, has accepted the role of acting chairman. It also stated that Nick Griffin stepped aside at a meeting of the BNP National Executive held last Saturday (19th July). Nick Griffin will now take up the position of President of the party.

Under Griffin’s leadership, which has lasted 15 years, the BNP’s support rose to it’s all-time high of 6.2% in 2009. Howevr, Griffin lost his seat in the European Election to a Labour and UKIP lead in May, and the BNP got about 1% of the total vote.

Since it’s formation in 1982, the far-right party has been extremely controversial, being described as neo-fascist, homophobic, racist and Islamophobic. These claims are all denied by the BNP.

In 2009, Griffin was invited on the BBC’s flagship political programme, Question Time. This lead to mass protest and record viewing figures for the programme. Griffin was declared bankrupt in January 2014 following a law suit over outstanding debts owed to a solicitor’s firm.

In May, after enduring major losses in both the European and local elections Griffin tweeted that the BNP weren’t going anywhere.

New leader, Adam Walker, is a former IT and Karate teacher who received a lifetime teaching ban, and narrowly avoided prison in 2013. He was given a six month suspended sentence, and 12-month driving ban, after using a knife to slash bike tyres of a group of 10-12 year old boys, as well verbally abusing them. In 2010, he appeared before a conduct committee after labelling immigrants “savage animals” in an internet forum while using a school laptop.

Adam Walker

Walker called former Education Secretary Michael Gove’s refusal to overturn the lifetime ban “prejudice”.

He has also described Britain as a “multicultural shit-hole” created by the major political parties. He also stated that killings like that of Lee Rigby were made acceptable by Marxism.





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