The 25 Best Recipes from the Great British Bake Off


Last night we saw Nancy crowned the winner of Series 5 of the Great British Bake Off. The last 10 weeks have been dramatic, with tears, tantrums, Mary Berry’s amazing jackets, the male judge, a whole lot of cake and let’s not forget #bingate. We’ve taken a look right back to Episode One, and we’re giving you the 25 best recipes for you to try yourself at home!

Episode 1: Cake Week.

1. Mary Berry’s Cherry Cake



Luckily, this recipe gives you a bit more guidance than the bakers got in the technical challenge. Just don’t cut the cherries too small like Jordan did…

2. Martha’s Lemon and Thyme Drizzle Cakes

Make thyme for these minis in your life, from the best baby baker in the world.

3.  Chetna’s Caramon, Pistachio and Coffee Swiss Roll


Queen of flavours brings you these.

Episode 2: Biscuits Week.

4. Jordan’s 3D Biscuits


5. Mary Berry’s Florentines


These have fruit in them, so they must be healthy. Have two portions.

Episode 3: Bread Week

6. Richard’s Pesto Pinwheel



Oh Richard, Star Baker a record 5 times, you were robbed. However, your Pesto pinwheel look great.

7. Kate’s Orange and Cardamon Rye Bread Knots

8. Iain’s Moroccan Plaited Loaf with Bessara Dip


Episode 4: Dessert Week.

9. Mary Berry’s Tiramisu Cake


Tiramisu and Cake are the two best inventions known to humankind. The hybrid of the two is on another level.

10.Kate’s Chocolate and Sated Caramel Molten Puddings


Episode 5: Pies and Tarts Week

11. Chetna’s Indian Hot Water Crust Pies

12. Paul’s Mini Pear Pies



13. Luis’ Tropical Machester Tart

Episode 6: European Cake Week

Who could forget the week where nobody knew what the technical challenge was (I’m still not sure if I do).

14. Mary’s Prinsesstarta


15. Chetna’s Orange Savarin with Cinnamon Cream

So much flavour.

Episode 7: Pastry Week

16. Luis’ Peanut Butter Eclairs



17. Martha’s Mini Beef Wellingtons


Episode 8: Advanced Dough

18. Paul Hollywood’s Povitica


No, I don’t know what it is either. But doesn’t it look pretty?

19. Luis’ Raspberry Mojito Doughnuts

Doughnuts and Mojitos are a winning combo.

Episode 9: Patisserie 

20. Nancy’s Coffe and Chocolate Baklava and Breakfast Baklava

21. Paul’s Schichttorte



Yes, it must be 20 layers.

Episode 10: THE FINAL.

22. Mary’s Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes



23. Richard’s Pear Pain au Chocolat

No pain, go gain.

24. Mary’s Tea Time Scones


25. Luis’ Apple, Walnut, and Raisin Chaussons with Chesire Cheese.

And let’s not forget this, perhaps the best moment from the series

Credit: BBC TV
Credit: BBC TV

All hail King Norman.


All images courtesy of  BBC TV.






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