Students Launch Startup on Touring Bus


Current and former students from the university of Southampton are current attendees and organisers of a major start up event, Start up Bus. As they travel from London to Vienna (stopping at Manchester, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin), the team have been building a new app.

Former student, Alejandro Saucedo is running the Start up Bus event whilst current students Ali Amouzadeh and Callum Spawforth have created, ‘Let’s Do This’, an app designed to help you achieve your goals through peer motivation. Whether you’re learning a new language or trying to start a new exercise regime, the app aids people in tackling those unfinished tasks that we simply cannot bring ourselves to complete alone.

Extrinsic motivation can often be stronger than the intrinsic when being pushed towards those ambitions that we struggle to fully commit to. Team captain of the project, Roberto De Feo, comments:

It’s so hard to get anything done when you’re on your own. But when you’re backed behind a supportive community to cheer and nag you on -sometimes that’s all the push you need.

Robert De Feo

The app groups together 5 people with the same goal into a competitive atmosphere, playing on the desire to win as motivation and all the while allowing people to follow the same journey to realise their goals together.

The process is structured with micro-tasks in a weekly time frame. Those that stay ahead will receive points, and peers are encouraged to support those in the group that are falling behind. All members will receive push notifications from the app to stay updated on individual and group progress.

The team are set to release the new product in the app store, ready to motivate all of its users.

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