SUSU Offers Split Payment for Grad Ball Tickets


For the third year running SUSU are giving students the option to split the payment of their Grad Ball tickets.

Students will have the option of putting down a first instalment of £25 as a deposit, and will then be able to pay the remainder of the amount later in the term.

The final payments must be made by Friday 8th May, which will be either £20 for priority or £25 for non-priority. The split payment plan has been introduced in a hope to make buying tickets easier for students.

The Grad Ball theme this year is “Music through the Ages”, and priority sign up has now closed. The ball is being held at the same venue as last year, Oceana Southampton, on Monday 8th June.


BA English student at the University of Southampton and News Editor of the Wessex Scene 2014-2015.

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