BREAKING: Machete Attack in Germany


A second machete attack has occurred in Germany. A woman has been killed in the small city of Reutlingen, near Stuttgart, in an attack by a Syrian refugee.

The machete attack occurred at 4.30pm local time outside a kebab shop. It was reported that witnesses began to flee in a panic after seeing the attacker, a 21 year-old Syrian refugee, fatally wound a woman and injure two others in the vicinity.

The unnamed attacker reportedly ran behind a police car with the weapon before being run over by a passing BMW.

Police can only speculate the motive behind the incident, which at the moment is unknown, however German Police suspect the refugee to have operated alone. The Police have additionally stated they do not feel that citizens in the surrounding area are at risk.

This incident is the latest of German tragedies and just a few days after a shooting in a shopping centre in week after a 17 year-old axe-wielding man attacked a family of Chinese tourists on a crowded train in Southern Germany.


Law student at the University of Southampton.

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