Union Elections: Candidate Interviews with Wessex Scene Published


With candidate’s campaigns for both full-time Sabbatical roles and Student Leader roles well under way, the Wessex Scene interviewed each candidate running for full-time Sabbatical roles to find out why they want the position and what they plan to do if elected.

You can find the links to each interview below.

Ahead of voting opening on Monday, VP Democracy and Creative Industries, Cameron Meldrum has commented:

“I can’t believe this year’s Spring Elections have come around so quickly! We’ve got more contested Full-Time Officer positions than last year which is a good sign. I’m very excited for voting to start next week!”


VP Democracy and Creative Industries

The VP DCI is the lead officer for the Democracy Zone and Creative Industries Zone. This involves leading Union Elections and supporting the four Media Departments, Performing Arts, Union Films and all relevant student groups for Creative Industries.

Amelia Ng

Evie Reilly

Greg Williams


VP Education

The VP Education represents students and campaigns on matters relating directly to their education. They lead the academic representation structure and work closely with Faculty Officers, Academic Presidents and Course Reps.

Samuel Dedman


VP Engagement

The VP Engagement is responsible for encouraging student groups to interact with the external community, for general engagement with the Student’s Union (e.g. Fresher’s week, the Bunfight), for leading the Union’s charitable, entrepreneurial and volunteering groups and for all Union Southampton communications.

Dan Varley

Thomas Gravatt


VP Sports Development

The VP Sports Development is responsible for the Union’s Athletic Union (AU) sports clubs. The role involves promoting participation in the Union’s sports clubs, supporting sports committees and working with BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport).

Ben Parker

Stephen Gore


VP Student Communities

The VP Student Communities works to represent all students within the university which involves supporting Postgraduate, International and Mature students, students at satellite campuses, including WSA, NOC and Southampton General Hospital, and leading the JCR Committees in Halls and Private Rented Accommodation.

Arun Aggarwal


VP Welfare

The VP Welfare works with the University to support students with issues which may affect their wellbeing, such as housing, mental health and financial issues. The VP Welfare works with student-run self-help groups such as Nightline and peer-to-peer groups, promotes equality and supports students with employability.

Leyla Elsey

Liam St Dennis

Sam Higman


Union President

The Union President provides overall responsibility for the Union, is the leader of the Sabbatical Officers and is the link between the officers and staff of the Union. The President is also responsible for the finances of the Union and chairs the Trustee Board. With five candidates running for President, the contest will be as competitive as last year, which also saw five candidates run for the position.

Alex Hovden

Flora Noble

Henry Lane

Kirby Moore

Simon Pinney

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