Module Options Ballot Fails Again


Students woke up to the start of their third and final term of the University year to be greeted with disappointment and frustration as the module ballot system, the Student Banner, crashed for the second year in a row.

The Student Banner, the online service the University uses for people to choose their modules, has gone down meaning that many students are left desperately trying to log in and select their all important modules for the next academic year, affecting a variety of different courses.

With a number of courses having a first-come-first-serve system, the demand and desperation to access the system and pick the most appealing modules is even greater. The system has crashed due to the online demand as the iSolutions twitter page confirmed to students.

Credit: Samuel Tyler

The failure has caused outrage amongst the student community, with some going as far as to start an online petition to call on the University to change their module choices. The petition currently has 30 signatures, with the comments on the petition showing just how frustrated some of the student body are by this fiasco.

One student commented: “Last year, I had to wait for 7 hours to confirm my modules – some of which weren’t even present on the form. Definitely needs to change in a big way!”

Another student bitterly commented: “‘One in one out’ while displaying a message that the whole site is closed. As if we all have all day to sit around waiting to get through.”

Others went on, saying “#unimpressed”, “Southampton Uni, this system is a complete disgrace. 2 years in a row!!”.

Union Southampton’s VP Education, Elliot Grater told the Wessex Scene: 

I’ve been in contact with the several people in the University, including members of the Curriculum and Timetabling Team as well as iSolutions, passing on student feedback and trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

I’ve been reassured that information will be released soon from the University, and we will be looking into the problem over the coming weeks to try and fix the current issues as well as prevent this from happening again! If you have had issues with the module system the most important thing you can do right now is make sure you have contacted your course reps and your student office with your issue and don’t be silent on this issue!

The Wessex Scene reported last year on the system crashing due to online demand. With this being the second consecutive occurrence of a failure like this, over something so important to students, it is beginning to seem like the issue will never be resolved, and student faith in the University to produce an effective module choice system is quickly diminishing.


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