University of Southampton Falls 19 Places in Guardian League Table


The University of Southampton has received further erosion to its prestige as the Guardian League Tables for 2018 were published with the University falling from 16th to 35th place.

The fall by 19 places comes after the University fell 9 places in The Complete University Guide League Table. The University received an overall score of just 66.1 out of 100 on the league table.

Given that the Guardian League Table is used alongside The Complete University Guide by prospective students to assess their University choices, this news comes as a serious blow to the University’s chances of recruiting new students. It also brings into question how good the quality of education at the University of Southampton is compared to other institutions.

Elliot Grater, the VP Education at Union Southampton, told the Wessex Scene:

As a graduate of the University of Southampton it is a shame to see the recent drop in the Guardian League table, though it’s not a complete surprise. Among many other complicated factors, continuing problems with consistency, assessment & feedback, online optional choices etc. have had a clear affect on the score.

I believe the University is committed to improving the student experience, but they can’t do this without students leaving their feedback, raising issues and highlighting when things just aren’t up to scratch. Talk to your reps, talk to the staff, and don’t shy away from being honest when things aren’t good enough.

Mr. Grater raises some important points. The Wessex Scene recently reported on the poor handling of the optional module selection by the University who gave us the world wide web. The University may also not be keeping up with other institutions on innovation issues, such as universal recording of lectures, one  issue which the Wessex Scene recently published a for and against debate on.

It seems that to many, this will come as another damaging blow for the University and its students, but it is a selection pressure which will give the University the opportunity to adapt and regain its place from this dramatic crash in the league tables. Perhaps, with the 10-year plan, we will see some great improvements that will claw the University back towards a top 20 position.


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