The Suitcase Desperation


Southampton – the destination for half a year, one year or maybe four years. When moving as a student to a new country, the question of how to pack the twenty kilograms is of particular priority. What to include, what to leave at home – this is the guide for panicked international movers.

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Liz Shaw, Relocation Specialist at Arpin International Group, stresses the importance of planning. Her article is fully devoted to the benefits of organising the moving trip in time. You are not transporting a fully furnished home from China to England, fair point, but planning what to bring is essential. Check the rules for visa not once or twice, but three times. To not regret the contents of the huge, hulky suitcase, think through the choices of clothes, gadgets and items for several days.

A typical British winter proudly presents howling winds, buckets of rain and temperatures below ten degrees Celsius.

Speaking of clothes, remember that Southampton is the destination of long hours of flights and coaches.  A typical British winter proudly presents howling winds, buckets of rain and temperatures below ten degrees Celsius. Do not be surprised if you one day wake up to a snow white world. If raincoats and warm jackets hide somewhere at the bottom of the wardrobe – bring them.

Winter clothing is boring to bring so it is vital to back them up with favourites from home. It can be sweets, a perfume or snacks. It might seem ridiculous in the beginning, but as the weeks pass by and the earlier taken-for-granted darlings are unavailable in shops, the secret storage will become a source of much pleasure.

There are, however, several things that can be bought in Southampton. Toiletries, razors, hair driers, bed linen, kitchen utensils and lamps – you name it –Southampton has a great supply of it all. John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, and IKEA usually have affordable offers for students. Since some cell phones do not work in the UK it could be a good plan to buy a new one upon arriving to university.

The adapter is an absolute travel companion.

If the items above can easily be discarded from the suitcase, these things must not be ignored. A small but thorough dictionary is always of good use – the desperate need to find specific words in English tends to occur when one expects it the least. The adapter is similarly an absolute travel companion – I cannot emphasise it enough. There might be ways of finding one in England, but to avoid unnecessary stress, bring one from home.

Moving to a new country can seem like an endless, fatigued parade of things to plan, organise and remember, but as soon as the trip is done the fun begins. And you will not regret it.


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