The Adventures of a Southampton Student in Madrid


Florence Broderick left Southampton University life for a semester abroad in crazy and exotic Madrid. As a marketing intern she explores the different cultures, and the pro’s and con’s of erasmusing in Madrid. The Wessex Scene takes a look at her blog!

Two Steps Behind

Florence’s life in Madrid does not seem to be all about studying. And why should it? When leaving grey Southampton for sunny Madrid, exploring and relaxing are some must-do’s. Florence lists ten reasons why students should choose Madrid as their Erasmus destination, cheap food shopping, the partying culture and the informal atmosphere being some of them.

What makes Florence’s blog so interesting is, however, her entertaining comparison and critical analysis of why Madrid also can be a source of irritation. Naturally, after the ‘honeymoon’ period (when being abroad is just lovely, amazing and totally the best thing that ever happened to you) is over and normal life kicks in, the differences to the British culture can be a hassle. Florence mentions things like the non-civilised metro behaviour, low salaries and short men.

Lastly, her useful pro’s and con’s list of working during her Erasmus can be of much interest to those thinking of doing a semester abroad. This delightful insight in the life of an Erasmus student in Madrid is a must to read. Enter Florence’s blog by clicking here!


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