UK Magazine for International Students Launched


Great British Magazine, GB Mag, launches a new magazine for an international student audience. Distributing copies at over 100 universities, the magazine focuses on informing about British culture and lifestyle.

Great British Bag – a website designed for international students – is behind the creation of the magazine. Realising that international students’ expectations are not often met at English universities, they want students to gain a better experience of British culture and university life.

International students interviewed have testified to the problem of acclimatising to the British lifestyle. GB Mag ensures that its role is to ‘fill the gap’.

Through the magazine, students can access information and insights about British culture and lifestyle, helping them to settle in and get a good understanding of their new surroundings.

The magazine will come out in three issues a year, coinciding with the autumn, spring and summer terms. An extra issue will be published in May to be sent to students in China and India who have accepted a place at UK universities. It will be free of charge.


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