Southampton Student Bloggers Going French


Language degrees spread Southampton students all over the world. Want to know what a year in France could be like? Read on to find out!

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All I remember from my half an hour visit in France a couple of years ago is that I was too puzzled to order my own ice cream. Now, I know that most of you probably know more French than I do. Some might even consider doing your year abroad in France. Ruthy and Jen, two students studying language at University of Southampton, write about their experiences on their blogs.

Baguettemenot follows Ruthy’s life in Paris, working in a university library. Living in a corridor with other English year-abroad-students, she writes about cultural misunderstandings with a sense of humour. For example, her name has sexual connotations in French, French people do not understand kisses in texts and messages, and public transports are not to be trusted.

The Faux-Pas of a ‘Faux Francaise’: A Year in Lille enters Jen’s world in Lille where she works as an English Assistant. Just like Ruthy, Jen has noticed some cultural differences. Understanding metros, knowing how to open doors, and remembering on which side cars drive are some difficulties Jen has encountered. Language can be another source of humiliation, and Jen writes about her mistakes:

The best moment this week was telling my French friends that a cat had adopted me and slept on the sofa and that I thought it was very cute. After a few weird looks and some awkward laughs I decided to look up what I’d said in a dictionary. Sadly, I actually announced that I thought the cat was ‘REALLY fit’.

This is obviously just a small taste of the girls’ blogs. To learn more about what a year abroad in France can look like, visit Baguettemenot and The Faux-Pas of a ‘Faux Francaise’: A Year in Lille.


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