The Erasmus Exchange Survival Guide


Are you starting a new life abroad after Christmas? Panicking about how to survive? Don’t sweat blood on your own – here’s how to breeze through your Erasmus year.

Prioritise your luggage

It sounds difficult and almost impossible, but take a step back and rationalise your choices. Versatile clothing and well-packed hand luggage are the key – forget that wall-hanging and cake tin! A top tip is to bring photos – they can brighten up any dull room. When finding yourself telling that story about your flatmate throwing up over the bouncer in Jesters, your new flatmates can put a name to that face.

Get socialising

There are an inconceivable number of Facebook groups dedicated to the sole purpose of you making friends! Universities will orten organise various meetings within the first few weeks and it is of paramount importance that you attend these. Arriving not knowing anyone is typical but you will end up leaving with a handful of amazing friends. Moreover, regardless of your proficiency in languages, join a course. It is an easy way to meet people! Be fearless. This might never happen again, so talk to that person in the queue – she might just turn out to be your best friend.


Go out and discover! Take advantage of the place you are living in and make time to do all the typical touristy stuff. Explore the surrounding area. You might never be in such a good position again. Make the most of it!

More is Less

It might sound odd, but don’t overbook in terms of visitors – you do not want to spend you whole time hosting. Do, however, pester you nearest and dearest to get Skype. This godly invention makes everything so much easier.

Don’t worry

Everybody’s in same boat. It’s completely natural to be a bit nervous, so if you hate it at the beginning, do not panic, you are not alone. Be realistic about the challenge you are taking up. Take a deep breath and remember that everything takes time. Join societies going and really throw yourself in at the deep end. Enjoy this fleeting moment in your life.


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