The Unknown Face of Southampton Part 1


I have lived in Southampton for half a year now and I enjoy it. As a coastal city, life here is peaceful and quiet. I like the weather, it is the warmest compared to other cities in the UK. I also like the environment: animals like squirrels and pigeons are looked after by the people they live amongst.

The seafood is relatively cheap in Southampton, especially crabs. I think local people seldom eat them, but they are very popular with Chinese people. The potato the most famous food here and it therefore comes in a variety of forms like toast potatoes and chips. Although they are convenient to cook, I don’t like them very much.

English and Chinese festivals are different. In my hometown, we celebrate traditional festivals, like the Chinese New Year, the Mid Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival. In the UK, there are Christmas, Easter day and Halloween. All these festivals have different meanings and are celebrated in different ways. In China, we celebrate New Year with some activities, for example, playing fireworks, giving red pockets, eating dumpling and posting spring couplets. But in Britain we celebrate New Year by giving presents and eating a generous Christmas dinner together. But for me, shopping at Christmas is the most enjoyable part, especially on Boxing Day when there are a plenty of discounts. I think it’s also the most exciting time for many other people.

I enjoy life here and will attend more English activities in future.

Aisling Barclay


我喜欢南安普顿的生活。作为一个沿海城市,这里的生活优美安静。我喜欢南安的天气,因为相比较英国城市,这里是暖的。我喜欢这里的环境, 因为,很多动物,如松鼠,鸽子,海鸥,山雀,和人们和谐的生活在一起。 人们很友好,从来不会去伤害他们。南安普顿的海鲜相对便宜,尤其是螃蟹。我发现这里的人们不喜欢吃他们,但是对于我们来说是很受欢迎的。毫无疑问,这里人 们吃的最多的当然是土豆了,各式各样的,例如烤土豆,炸土豆,薯片等等。 虽然他们很方便煮,但我不喜欢他们。
这里有不同的节日。在我的家乡,中国,有传统的新年,中秋节,端午节等。 在英国,有圣诞节,复活节,万圣节等。 这些节日有不同的意义和不同的庆祝方式。在中国,我们庆祝新年通过放烟火,送红包,吃饺子,贴春联等等。在英国,我们庆祝新年通过送礼物,吃圣诞大餐等。 对于我而言,最高兴的是圣诞节的打折活动,尤其是圣诞节的后一天,有很多打折的活动。我想对于大多数人而言,这也是最激动的时刻了吧。



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