The Unknown Face of Southampton Part 2


by Yi Xin Yan

Aisling Barclay


I am glad that I study in Winchester, really it’s a paradise! Most Chinese students  can’t get used to the ‘too quiet’ nights during their first month because Chinese urban life is so different from the slow, small town life in Winchester. 24 hours a day openening periods are only found at Tesco and there isn’t a KFC or McDonalds with delivery.

But it’s definitely a good place for studying. Compared to my hometown the British weather is quite gentle. People here are also kind and sweet. Chinese students usually have a difficult time in high school and university life is cosy in comparison. British students have the opposite experience, so students like me have a tough study life all the way through.

The truth of studying is not to serve your country, but to enhance your own prospects. I have seen that English students express themselves in a free and open way, showing true enjoyment through their art work. That’s a very good reference for us who come from a Soviet-style education. As the old saying goes, ‘keep the essence for yourself’.


我很荣幸能到温彻斯特这个颇为世外桃源的地方来度过我的大学生涯。通常刚来的同学都会觉得这里晚上安静得可怕,缓慢的小镇生活和夜夜不眠的都市生活确实相 去甚远。24小时营业的只有乐购,肯德基和麦当劳也没有外卖可以订。但对于学习来说,益处多多。比较我的故乡来说,英国的天气温和宜人,英国人也是这样谦 恭。中国学生基本都有异常刻苦的中学生活,而大学生活却轻松的多。而英国学生却恰恰相反。所以像我这样的留学生是一路苦过来啊。学习的真谛并不是报效祖 国,而是提升自己。我看到英国同学发自内心对艺术的爱以及自由开放的表达形式,对于从苏式教育中走出来的我们有很好的借鉴性。“去其糟粕,留其精华”,为 自己。




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