A Step Forward For Minority Groups as Pope Francis Pushes Tolerance


Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, has expressed his historically staggering views that drastically deviate from what the Catholic Church has upheld in the past centuries.

With the constantly changing moral thresholds, issues such as homosexuality and the rise of feminism have grown to be commonplace and accepted by many. In La Civilta’ Cattolica’s latest interview, the Italian Catholic periodical published by the Society of Jesus, Pope Francis chose to be straightforward by not averting sensitive issues about the “traditional” controversies.

Pope Francis has been criticised by catholics for not advocating the anti-abortion and anti-homosexual-relationship stance strongly enough. Pope Francis, in response, thinks that the Catholic Church should not be constantly talking about the same issues and be overly mindful of minor and scattering regulations and rules. Pope Francis says that we, as human beings, should tolerate people with difficult situations and always maintain a heart of sympathy. He compared the Catholic Church to a post-war hospital, maintaining that the Church should strive to heal the people instead of just criticising their problems.

Pope Francis thinks that the Confession Room where Catholics confess their sins is not a Torture Room. Clergy should be understanding and open-minded about the old and stubborn moral codes. Instead of being overwhelmingly critical, Pope Francis suggests that Clergy should tolerate instead of boycotting the minorities and giving out heavy criticisms.

Talking about the rise of feminism and the lack of female Clergy in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis agrees that it is essential to bring forth gender equality because the Catholic Church needs the gifts and talents of females, not just males. Pope Francis, when appointed Pope of the Catholic Church, was explicit about his reform plan and it now seems that people can be optimistic about female Clergy having more responsibility within the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis emphasised that the moral high-ground that the Catholic Church has upheld for centuries is not built upon fragile and minor regulations. The Catholic Church should always be open-minded and adapting or else those moral codes will soon collapse like a house of cards and that is not what Catholics hope to see.

This is the first interview Pope Francis has conducted since his title as Pope of the Catholic Church. Unlike his previous stern interviews, this time it seemed to be more of a friendly and casual talk. Pope Francis says that he loves Mozart’s, Beethoven’s and Bach’s music, and Dostoyevsky’s and Hölderlin’s work. At the end of the interview Pope Francis revealed himself to be a sensible, adapting and innocent person.

The Pope’s opinions have generated approving as well as disapproving responses from both the liberal and conservative catholics. Some even claim that Pope Francis has destroyed and ruined the Catholic Church’s regulations and standpoints.

Regardless of the public response, Pope Francis seems to be a fan of Sam Cooke’s music and in particular the song “A Change Is Gonna Come”.


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