Word of the Week: Bundeswahl



In Europe, Angela Merkel, Germany’s current Bundeskanzlerin (“Chancellor of Germany”) of the Christian Democrats (CDU) sits in a positively strong position as the Bundeswahl (“German federal election”) approaches, against contender Peer Steinbrück from the Social Democrat (SPD)/Green coalition.

Merkel and Steinbrück recently battled out their opinions in a Fernsehduell (“televised debate”) with main themes being the future of the Eurozone, the war in Syria, the rising price of fuel and the Wiedervereinigung (“reunification”) of Germany. So far, Merkel still comes out on top in the opinion polls and seems determined to fix the Eurozone crisis, believing that the euro is – and should remain – a solid and powerful currency. According to her campaign, as the continent’s most powerful politician, she has a sizeable leadership role not just in Germany but also in current European politics. As the most financially stable country in Europe, German does indeed have the responsibility to carry Europe out of the economic recession.


Steinbrück is critical of the work Merkel has carried out thus far and attacked the Union Coalition (CDU/CSP + FDP) for having achieved very little for the future and the staggering unemployment in Italy and Greece. He argues it’s going to take more than budget cuts to reduce the Eurozone debt and has made German tax evasion central to his campaign.

The German federal election will be held tomorrow.


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