Word of the Week: Warmduscher


Everyone loves a good insult, and some sound even better in another language. For example, the Germans have come up with this gem: warmduscher.

It literally translates into a ‘warm shower’, and is used against someone who, to quote the QI Elves’ Twitter feed, ‘is so weedy, he only has hot showers.’

If you’re unfortunate enough to be called a warmduscher, it means you can’t step out of your comfort zone. You’re only capable of taking a warm shower. Not an ice cold shower, not a hot, steaming shower, but only a warm one. You’re perceived as being somewhat of a coward; you’re weak-willed and you seem to lack the guts to try something new. You lose ‘lad points’, whatever that means.

You’re a fresher, you’re in Jesters and you can’t stomach your first Jesticle? To some, you’re a warmduscher. Disgusted at the thought of attempting the Gourmet Challenge Burger at Orange Rooms? You may be a warmduscher. You’re pre-drinking and don’t want to strawpedo a bottle of Smirnoff vodka even though everyone else is doing it? Pfft, warmduscher. (And guess what? That’s okay. It’s better to be called a wimp than it is to end up in A&E.)

Let’s face it, many bad decisions have probably been the result of someone refusing to accept such a label. So much meaning has been packed into this single insult, and the subtleties of warmduscher just don’t have an equivalent in English.

So, next time you’re playing Ring of Fire and your housemate refuses to drink the mix, call them a warmduscher. You may get a few odd looks, but hey, at least you’ll sound original!


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